Family First promises to charge a reasonable fee based on the complexity of your loved one’s estate. Our fees are tailored to each estate and may be based upon a percentage of the value of the estate, a flat fee for the services we provide, or on an hourly basis. We promise to work with you to finalize your loved one’s estate at a fair cost to you. We promise to tell you the basis of our fees in plain English and in writing so that you will not be surprised at any point in the administration of the estate. We will be able to tell you what our fee for service will be after your complimentary consultation.

Family First provides comprehensive advice and assistance for all aspects of estate administration; however, if you find that you only need limited assistance with the administration of an estate, such as preparation of an inheritance tax return, obtaining a Tax ID number from the IRS, preparation of legal advertisements, or preparation of the notices, releases, and paperwork needed to close an estate required by Pennsylvania law, we can help. Our fee will be based on the particular services we provide to you.