We discuss your goals for providing for your retirement, future illness, nursing care and estate planning.

  • We understand the often difficult decisions you are facing with regard to your future.
  • We listen carefully to your goals and circumstances and will suggest the best methods for structuring your estate plan.
  • We have special knowledge and training in understanding how Pennsylvania law will affect your particular circumstances and wishes.


We prepare a plan to achieve these goals using different legal tools likes wills, trusts and POAs, often at a modest cost.

  • We can help you prepare a comprehensive estate plan that ensures your assets will go to whom they are intended.
  • We can help ensure that your assets are protected from unnecessary taxes or probate fees.
  • We can help you be prepared in the event that you become disabled.


We help your family and friends achieve these goals by assisting them in carrying out your final wishes through efficient estate administration.

  • We help your executor by giving the world notice of your passing as required by law.
  • We help your executor identify your creditors and pay any debts that you may owe upon your passing.
  • We help your executor by identifying and calculating any estate or inheritance taxes due when you pass. We can help your executor prepare the necessary tax returns and see that they are properly filed.
  • We help your executor transfer property to family members and charities pursuant to the terms of your will.
  • We provide finality to your executor and family by taking all of the steps necessary to obtain approval from beneficiaries, the Court, and the taxing authorities to close your estate.